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The Best Home Security Apps When On The Go

Last updated on April 22, 2019
It’s no secret that burglars can get around an extra lock on your front door. And if you are not home, you may never know. Nowadays, thanks to advancements in technology, home security companies have created apps to access and monitor your home while you’re on the go. Especially common in smart homes, home security apps are making it easier to ensure homeowners and renters that there dwelling is safe, no matter where they are.

Not too long ago, it was normal that if you didn’t make friends with your neighbors, then your risk for home invasion was higher. An extra lock is nice but in 2015 alone, there were still over seven million property crimes in the US. Therefore, it makes sense that home security has become increasingly important in order to protect your home and assets. Imagine paying a lot of money for your dream vacation home and it gets broken into, or maybe you’re stuck at work while something fishy is going on at your place.

A study found that homes with alarm systems tend to discourage intruders from trying to enter. Therefore, home security companies are making safe homes more accessible to people ready to take action. Advancements in technology have influenced these companies to move toward a more accessible option for homeowners to gain control of their home – through a home security app. With these apps, users are able to check up on their home from anywhere in the world. You can check on your home anytime, anywhere.

If you are not home or have a vacation home, ensuring you have the right home security system is essential. And making sure that system has a related app is now paramount in today’s digital age.

Vivint Smart Home – Vivint Sky App

Vivint Sky app is an attractive app for the customer looking for a more user-friendly interface. This smart home security system has features that can alert users of things like open windows in the home or changes to the home temperature. If you have a Vivint home security system already installed, this app will provide you with the following:

  • Control of other smart home small appliances
  • Access to close or open garage door
  • Saving on energy costs with the Sky assistant tool
  • Monitor customized alerts
  • Access to lock and unlock your doors
  • Access to camera footage

Grab it from the App store or Google Play store to get started with this trusted home security alarm system.

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Protect America – SMART Connect App

From the well-known home security system Protect America, this app gives users complete access to their home while they’re on the go. You can monitor your home activity and won’t be disappointed as most of their features include:

  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Thermostat control
  • Smart door lock control
  • Motion and entry sensors
  • Instant alerts and notifications
  • HD video service

Users should note that they must be a customer to enjoy these services and are encouraged to double check the apps compatibility with their preferred device.

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SimpliSafe Home Security Systems App

Though you must be at least a basic subscriber to unlock all the features of this burglar alarm system, it’s still worth it. You can enjoy HD video streaming of your home from anywhere you are. Affordable with 24/7 live alarm monitoring, you can also expect other helpful features:

  • Review video recordings of your home
  • Arm and disarm your system at your fingertips
  • Monitor water sensors for floods and carbon monoxide
  • View log activity for who enters or leaves the home
  • Monitor safe places like medicine and alcohol cabinets

Available for iPhone and Android, protect your home with ease with this long-standing service.

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Honeywell – Total Connect App

This new addition to the security app world, Honehywell app0 gives users the ability to manage and control their homes while on the move.  Never leave your kids locked out again with helpful features that can unlock your door, along with:

  • Recorded and live clips from the Honeywell camera system.
  • Energy saver controls in your home
  • Alerts for changes in the home environment
  • Access to arm and disarm your alarm
  • Access to monitor motion detection in the home

ADT – Pulse App

From the trusted home alarm system ADT, their Pulse App is a great tool for customers looking for remote control homes. Popular for smart homes as well, this app has a load of helpful features:

  • 24/7 sensor monitoring for smoke or triggered motion sensors.
  • Control home temperatures
  • Connect to smart appliances
  • Unlock doors for family
  • Customize your settings for instant alerts
  • Live video footage

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How to Choose the Home Security App that is Right for You

It’s no secret that these home security system apps are a key tool to keep the home safe. Though it may be necessary, selecting the right system for you may be hard. You need to ask yourself some tough questions to land with your perfect choice.

  • Will you need protection for one or more properties?
  • Will this be a residential alarm system or for a business?
  • Are you interested in having a smart home with smart plugs and switches?
  • Would you like to schedule your home settings from the app?
  • Do you have pets that can trigger sensors?
  • Do you have kids that may require your home have sensors for things like the medicine cabinet?
  • Are you able to save on energy supply costs?

Answering these questions will allow you to have a better idea of which app would work best for you and your needs.

Don’t Be a Victim of Burglary

Many times, homeowners aren’t aware that they’re potential victims of burglary. So, it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings and take extra precaution just in case. Think of it as a safety net for not only your home, but for your family as well, therefore it is essential to set up your home security alarm system today.

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