Smart Home Security System

Smart Home Security System - Outsmarting the Enemies

Last updated on May 10, 2021

Smart home security is taking over the world, offering homeowners a smarter, faster, more reliable, and more convenient way to protect their homes and live their lives.

Find out what smart home systems are all about and which features are the most important to look for.

Smart homes and IoT are the wave of the future, and smart home security is putting this cutting edge technology to work protecting our lives and our homes. But what does smart home security mean? Here are some essential points to help you understand the topic better and to direct you towards finding the right devices for you.

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Why Use a Smart Home Security System

To begin with, you must understand what smart home technology is about in general. A smart home is a network of interconnected devices that allow you to monitor and control various elements of your home remotely and automatically.

This type of convenience dramatically changes the quality of life within the home. Imagine walking into a house where the temperature has been perfectly set to accommodate the weather or your mood when you arrive. Imagine saving hundreds on your electric bill thanks to more energy-efficient light and HVAC settings. These are the benefits of smart living.

Smart home security works under the same concept of providing more convenient, reliable, and efficient home security. These security systems use state of the art technology to keep you and your home safe all the time. From burglary deterrents to fire detection and beyond, the best smart home security systems have an entire infrastructure of tools and features to protect you and your loved ones at every hour of the day.

Additionally, these systems come with dedicated security monitoring, so you have a team of professionals keeping track of your home’s security. With such unwavering protection and convenience, it’s no wonder that homeowners are choosing this option with growing enthusiasm.

Breaking Down Smart Home Security – Finding the Best Smart Home Security Systems

Now that you’ve got the basics, you can start to explore the exciting possibilities that come with smart home systems. While you can save a little bit by installing the systems yourself, the nominal cost of professional monitoring is certainly outweighed by the tremendous gains and protection received from these services.

Security systems come with various components, and consumers can choose which elements they need for their homes (or they can select from pre-fab packages depending on the company they go with).

Most services today offer wireless home security systems for their superior reliability, connectivity, and convenience. With these devices, you won’t have to worry about losing connection if the power goes out, and you can access the system from anywhere via the mobile applications provided with the service (more on that below).

No doubt, you’re wondering what some of the best WiFi home security systems have to offer. Aside from unrelenting, 24/7 home protection and up to the minute reporting, some of the coolest (and most important) features to look for in from the best wireless security systems include:

Voice assistant compatibility with other smart home devices

Being able to integrate your security system with pre-existing smart networks like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home  makes life easier and more efficient than ever.

An array of sensors

What type of sensors you need will vary depending on your situation, but the best smart home security systems will offer an impressive array. Everything from door and window sensors to motion detection, carbon monoxide detection, and even freeze protection can help you maintain order and safety within your home against every eventuality/danger and from every angle. Additions include garage door openers, front door locks, and glass break sensors.

Cloud storage

If you are taking advantage of the video surveillance features available on many systems, cloud storage is an obvious convenience. Instead of worrying about storage space or accidentally overwriting important footage, all your recorded surveillance footage is stored conveniently and out of the way on the cloud.

Smart Home Devices and Services | Integration and Mobile Apps

In our growing mobile-dependent society, it’s impossible to live without your mobile devices, which is why smart home security systems provide an easy way to stay connected. Smart mobile apps allow you to integrate the various components of your security system so that you can control things remotely, receive automatic alerts in real time, and get an up close view of your home and the surroundings all directly from your mobile device. It’s modern technology at its best. There are several more exciting mobile features to look out for when choosing a system:

Wifi cameras

Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras allow you to see what’s going on around your home wherever you are. This added layer of protection, streamed directly to your mobile device grants you the peace of mind to go on vacation, stay late at work, or be out without worry.

Notifications & Alerts

A well-designed mobile app will send security notifications to your cell phone instantly upon being triggered. Remember, the faster you are alerted to potential danger, the sooner you or the authorities can respond, minimizing the damage as much as possible. There are standard alerts such as when one of the sensors is triggered, and then there are customizable notifications that you can set up on your own. These can be tailored to your particular lifestyle and needs. If you have a tendency to forget to turn the alarm system on when you leave home in the morning rush, you can set a mobile alert to notify you when your car pulls out of the driveway if your alarm hasn’t been activated.

Mobile control

As mentioned, the convenience and efficiency of a mobile app is that you can control and monitor from a distance. You can disable/enable alarms, create rules, add components, disallow privileges, unlock doors, and view video streams all from your mobile device.

Bottom Line

A wireless home security system that integrates with your smart home network provides everything you need to sleep securely at night and leave your home, confident that everything is being taken care of. Get the right smart home security system, and live smarter today.


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