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Millions of PDF invisibly embedded with your internal disk paths

Trawling through a world of free and ready access to information often comes at a cost. More than ever, despite significant advances by convenience pioneers in the technology industry, such as Apple and Google, security is being sacrificed.

Only recently, we’ve seen a basic functionality feature, iCloud, become exploited, as hundreds of sexual content from world famous celebrities became freely available.

While embarrassing from a corporate perspective for Apple, the incident was even more worrying for technology users, who can no longer trust functions that seemed to be the most natural, such as taking pictures.

Even now, using document editors and creators poses security risks for the normal and average user.

PDF and Internet Explorer, after some investigation, seem to exemplify it best, exposing a local disk within the PDF.

When printing a PDF on the Internet Explorer Browser, the problem arises in that hitting the print button “invisibly” embeds your local disk path onto the PDF in the “title attribute.”

Furthermore, it seems as though there is no way to disable the option within the Internet Explorer Browser, but only to manually edit the PDF to remove the local disk path. This is contrary to other browsers, which simply show “…” instead of the local disk path.

Your information, and your history may be exposed from basic functions. It’s always wise to practice caution on the nets. With readily accessible and free information comes a price, so be careful out there!

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