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Pwning Opera Unite with Inferno’s Eleven

Despite the popularity of internet browsers such as Opera, it is inevitable that such widely available software comes at widely exploitable flaws.

With the new Opera Unite!, new exploits also must be carefully examined and explored.
Security, computer, and technology experts have come together to bring you the things you should know about the security flaws that exist within Opera.

Privacy is easily compromised in Opera, since all owner names used are easily indexed and readily available. Furthermore, the IP address and Port number are also obtainable.

Phishing attacks can be embedded within Opera in order to deceive users into receiving malicious software disguised as data from relied sources, such as Opera Unite itself.

File downloaders are susceptible to quick and rapid spreading attack.

When one user receives files after being readily compromised on Opera, he or she passes it on to you whenever using your software or file downloader.

The password policy leaves it susceptible to well-known variations of brute force attacks.

Convenience on Opera leaves it easier to find software, download files, and perform various functions with ease, but comes at a cost. There is evidently a security risk involved, and users must take care to not inadvertently compromise their information with too much convenience in systems such as automatic downloads.

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